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Passed my test first time with Leroy in September… Great Instructor and well worth learning with.

Leroy is the best driving instructor ever! Having been recommended to me by a friend, after I had failed two driving tests with a previous instructor, I decided to book my first lesson with Leroy. His kind nature and patience – even throughout my tears and tantrums! – really helped me with not only my driving itself, but also really boosted my confidence, enabling me to pass my driving test on my first attempt following lessons with him. He is different to other instructors in the way that his main priority is not simply just to get you through your test, but also to ensure that when you do pass, that your driving is safe and enjoyable. I would definitely recommend Leroy to anyone, and I now love the independence that driving has given me. Thank you so much Leroy!!

I started having lessons with Leroy in February until the end of June when I passed my test. He was always friendly and approachable, very methodical and each lesson was individually geared to meet my own learning needs. If ever I didn’t understand something, Leroy would explain clearly and if necessary, give me a demonstration. Although Leroy prepared me for the practical part of the driving test, he would also help me with the theory if ever I was unsure.
I would like to thank Leroy for the time he spent teaching me, and for allowing me to pass both my tests the first time with good marks.

Leroy is an excellent driving instructor and I thoroughly recommend him.  He has a knack for teaching and is easy to get along with. Best of all his great teaching skills isn’t his only asset, the Audi A3 is a great car to learn in and he is very flexible with regards to the hours, he makes himself available. Overall I am more than satisfied with the service and have already recommended several friends.

Thank you for helping me get my licence!”
I passed first time in January 2011 having only had lessons since September 2010. Leroy was a great instructor who was very patient and professional. I was quite a nervous driver but Leroy was very good at keeping me calm and relaxed. The car he used was great to drive and the lessons were excellent value for money. I would recommend him to anyone who required driving lessons.

Well what can I say, Leroy was a fantastic Driving Instructor. After putting my test off for over 2 years, it became more of a need than a want to drive living away from home at work! Throughout my time with Leroy, he became not only an respected instructor in my eyes but also, dare I say it, a friend! We had many laughs.. Some tears.. A few tantrums… But he was always very patient, calm and most importantly, encouraging- Not once did he have any doubt in his mind that I would fail, even though I was convinced I would! I soon went on to pass first time, with two minors!!!
The car is fantastic to learn in and I found the lessons great value for money, Leroy was always more concerned about me getting my learning in even if it did seem to take longer- The driver always seems to be his main priority! I will miss Leroy (and the Audi!) and his great company throughout our lessons together! I would recommend him to anyone whether they’re first time learners or learners having trouble passing- Leroy will PASS you!
I’m sure you wont miss driving up the gravel tracks to the stables every week.. No more mud/cleaning!! Thank you so much again for my new lease of freedom and all your help (I may even come back for my pass plus!) Thanks again,

Having failed my test a couple of times i gave up driving for a few months. Knowing my theory was due to run out shortly i decided i had to try again. Luckily i found Leroy who believed in me and made me believe in myself that i could do it, and 12 weeks later i PASSED!!!!
I thank Leroy so much for helping me do this and would highly recommend him to friends, family and anybody else. He is the best!
Thanks again Leroy.

After loosing confidence with driving lessons when I was 17, now 30 with 2 children, I knew it was my time to drive….If I didn’t do it now – I never would!!!
Every lesson with Leroy was relaxed. He is very professional in what he does, his calm and down to earth personality put me at ease, and he is very considerate, encouraging and very, very patient! The Audi is a lush car to learn in; it’s comfortable, stylish and has lots of modern extras that were very appealing to the whole learning experience!
My weekly lessons and the interaction with Leroy gave me confidence in myself as well as the confidence to learn something I thought I would never get the hang of. . .
I would recommend Leroy all day, every day, to anyone who wants to learn to drive – he is a 1st class teacher!!!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH LEROY… I still can’t believe I passed FIRST TIME!!!!

I passed in August 2011 first time obviously Good time, good man so overall 10/10 Will recommend Leroy for anyone really.

I have been instructed by Leroy since gaining my provisional licence soon after my 17th birthday. Leroy has been a great instructor and the Audi is a extremely comfortable, reliable car to learn in. He’s patient and gave me the confidence i needed on the roads. He covers all aspects of driving with a very calm and methodical manner. Leroy encourages confident and safe drivers and like myself many of his pupils pass their driving test the first time. Leroy is also reliable and professional in his approach to his work and I am happy he made this such a successful and enjoyable experience for me. Definitely highly recommended :)

Just passed on my first ever test with Leroy. Have had lessons with another school a few years ago, and really didn’t click with my instructor, but with Leroy I felt comfortable from the starting. Leroy is a very responsive instructor, and understands the different ways people learn. Thanks so much for all your help Leroy. x

I have just passed my first test with Leroy after a disastrous first attempt when i first turned 17…i never thought i would ever see the day when i would pass my test but Leroy believed in me and completely transformed my driving, i now feel confident and safe! Leroy was so patient and calm with me and i would really recommend him to anyone, he’s so lovely and the Audi is a brilliant car to learn in. Thank you so much for everything Leroy, loved every minute of it! (even if it didn’t seem like i did!)

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