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Want top quality lessons? Leroy is the instructor you need! I am so lucky to of had him as a driving instructor. Having previously used others before Leroy made me realise how much I was getting ripped off before and not actually getting my hours worth of lessons. When we first met I thought I was test ready but now I can see I was clearly not!! Leroy taught me so much skills and general road knowledge to lead me to passing my test. After my first 3 hours of lessons, my driving was noticeably different. What I like about his teaching style is that he doesn’t just teach how to past the test but he teaches you how to be a good driver which is something you will need for life. Not only is he a lovely person but he is a great teacher too. Great instructor and great guy, would recommend you to anyone! I passed my test with 1 minor need I say anymore!! Thanks again Leroy x

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