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From day one you could see that Leroy had an abundance of knowledge and depth of experience. Leroy demonstrated that he is not only a fantastic, skilled driver but an amazing teacher. If your looking for an instructor who will teach you well, easy to get along with, but also treat you with respect and have a good laugh with then look no further than Leroy, he’s great! He gave me the confidence I needed and the skills to be comfortable at driving. I valued his honestly with feedback meaning I knew exactly where I was with my progression. Therefore he knew exactly where I was and supported me with the most effective and tailored made lessons. Not only did I feel prepared for my test but also for driving on my own thanks to Leroy who not only just teaches you the very basics to scrape you through the test but he goes above and beyond to further your own knowledge and understanding, by explaining things and the reasons why as well, even demonstrating things if needed like manoeuvres. Even using his iPad with driving apps to help make things clearer as for me being a visual learner it worked wonders! Leroy never showed doubt but always showed belief and confidence in me for passing my test, which I did with NO minors!!! He also helped me with my theory test and gave me the help and resources I needed to pass that test as well. So a HUGE thank you for all your help and patients! Definitely going to miss driving in that Audi!
Thanks again for everything.

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