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It offers newly qualified car drivers safer driving and discounted motor insurance.
The Pass Plus course consists of 6 modules which cover:-

  1. Town Driving
  2. All Weather Driving
  3. Out of Town Driving & Rural Roads
  4. Night Driving
  5. Dual Carriageway
  6. Motorways

There is no exam; your instructor will simply evaluate your performance to assess your driving then sign off each module once you have completed it.

Once you have completed the Pass Plus course, you should inform your insurance company. They will usually discount your insurance. You can get a quote from your insurance company before signing up for the Pass Plus course to find out how much you could save.

The biggest benefit you will receive when completing the Pass Plus course however, is not saving money on your insurance, but the extra knowledge and confidence it will give you. Newly qualified drivers are more likely to have an accident in the first year after passing their test than at any other time during their lives. You can help to reduce the chances of this being you by taking the Pass Plus course.

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